six thousand things

atmosphere clouds cloudy country

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15 bureaucrats

16 agendas

collective whimper

of the polycom



without a fix

ass covering

policy following

cheese stick lunches

cold coffee

with gnats

on a Thursday

in late July

short handed

short tempered

short sighted


but glory

aren’t these the days

a speculator will wait it out

and before locking up

will hoist both pale, naked feet

high onto the desk

and from a reclining position

sometime after 6 pm


realizing the actual brilliance of contrast

and consider all that is opposite

all that is good




Next Age


I will not cry

About the time I spent

taking care not to offend

keeping myself between the lines

someone else drew for me


But today

and from now on

I will dance on the lines

I erase them with each step

and they disappear

bit by bit

as I neglect them




Raising Hell on the Way

Caution comes with age

but why should it?

Ferocity should be the product of a lifetime

more convinced every day

of the uselessness

of the esteem of fools

the avoidance of conflict

Wildness is the product of seeing

too much wasted and lost

in exchange for a kind epitaph

I will set myself afire

to offend the offenders

I will not sit down

I will not yield my time

I will burn