Circle of Influence


cropped-zen2.jpgMy circle is big

Lavish and bountiful

Sweet living earth

Festooning bees

Last year’s seeds

The grace of seasons


Big as ever


Containing every thing

I would pine for

In an outcast state

All I am wretched without

Singing children

My only lover

Creatures of hearth and garden

Creek and woods

Phases of the moon

Rain and mud

Sun and sky



Inside there is no one

Being installed

Into whatever post

Outside my circle

Some day soon


Old bramble hedgerows keep the gate

The circle is sanctified

Holding ony the true things

Knowing that seasons pass

And that each will bear fruit



The Invention of Importance

All I have committed to memory

Scraps of wisdom

Recipes, tips and tricks

Philosophies and science

My children’s dresser drawers

How things were arranged

These things I thought I had to know


All the details that have concerned me

That have awoken me

Jerked me around

And arranged my days


These sacred  things

Are nothing

Apart from my blood and bones

And when my body becomes ash or earth

These things will be even less


No one will have them


At all

No one will inherit these


The baldest epiphany dawns

No one will need any of them

And I am relieved

In a strange and empty way

To know this


January. Encaustic, mixed media on panel. (11.5 x 15”) 2016

Pam Barrett Hackett: January. Encaustic, mixed media on panel. (11.5 x 15”) 2016

paralyzed by the old ways

for reminiscing

for enumerating moments

and for burying each

day of my life

well practiced and hollow,

commemorating only the sameness

these are dead

there is no celebration left

to wring from them

no juice

so the better part of me


the All That Is

for some raucous,


apostate ritual 

wherein I AM fire

I AM drumming

I AM upending December

so that I can

let go of each day

with a little more joy